SC Heerenveen U13 Tour United Kingdom

SC Heerenveen U13 – United Kingdom
20 – 22 May 2022

SC Heerenveen U13 Tour United Kingdom

On the 20th of May SC Heerenveen U13 started their first European Tour to the United Kingdom. Orange Veins arranged 2 triangle festivals against 4 big English clubs. On Saturday Heerenveen visited the beautiful new training ground of Leicester City FC. The young lads from Heerenveen played against Leicester City FC U13 and Sheffield United FC U13. The team has been introduced to a physical opponent and a completely different way of playing football.

On Sunday they travelled to Chelsea FC to play the second triangle festival against Chelsea FC U13 and Fulham FC U13. These were two tough games, but the coach of SC Heerenveen enjoyed the the technique and fighting spirit of his team. The players and staff had a beautiful trip with lots of learning moments as well as a wonderful lifetime experience!

A tour like this is a great experience for young players to develop themselves on and of the pitch. Friendly games against other international youth teams are a good tool to measure the level with peers from other countries and to prepare your team for big tournaments.

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DAY 1 Arrival at Dover by bus
Check in Holliday Inn, Expres Leicester City
Dinner at hotel
DAY 2 Breakfast at hotel
Transfer to Leicester City trainings complex
At 10:00 first match against Leicester city
At 11:20 second match against Sheffield United
Lunch at complex
Transfer to hotel
Check in Doubletree, Hilton, Woking
Rest and time with parents
Dinner at hotel
Small activity
Day 3Breakfast at hotel
Transfer to Chelsea FC trainings complex
At 11:00 first match against Chelsea FC
At 12:00 second match against Fulham
Lunch at complex
Travel back home
Arrival Abe Lenstra stadium

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