Spain Win The Football Federations Cup U15 2023!

Spain Win The Football Federations Cup U15 2023!

Spain U15 emerged triumphant in a thrilling display of skill and determination at the Football Federations Cup!

Their journey began with a resounding 6-0 victory over Saudi-Arabia, a showcase of offensive prowess with goals by Adria Sales, Ebrima Tunkara, Alvaro Obarrio, and Michal Zuk. They continued in the second match against Finland, concluding with a commanding 4-0 win fueled by goals from Jairo Morilla, Adria Sales, and Pablo Aparicio.

Between matches, the team refined their strategies through dedicated training sessions at Albir Garden Resort Sports, enhancing their cohesion and tactical acumen.

The final Matchday against Mexico proved to be the ultimate test. Trailing 0-2 at halftime due to 2 goals by Da’vian Kimbrough, Spain displayed remarkable resilience. In the 54th minute, Iker Herrera ignited hope with the 1-2 scoreline. The climax came in the 75th minute when Roberto Tomas struck, securing the crucial 2-2 draw and clinching the tournament.

The jubilation that followed was not only a celebration of victory but a testament to the character, skill, and unity of Spain U15. Orange Veins extends heartfelt congratulations to every member of the team, the coaching staff, and supporters for this outstanding performance on the international stage. We look forward to welcoming Spain in future FFC tournaments.