Team Announcements

Excitement is building as the second edition of the Baronie Cup U13 prepares to unfold, with four stellar teams from around the globe confirming their participation. Orange Veins eagerly anticipates the dynamic clashes and spirited performances from the talented young squads.

  • NAC Breda, a familiar face, returns to the Baronie Cup, ready to captivate the local audience with their skill and determination. The homecoming promises thrilling moments and passionate displays from the Dutch team.
  • West Ham United, aiming for redemption after their previous showing, makes a comeback to Baronie. Determined to leave a lasting impression, the English club brings a renewed spirit to the tournament.
  • All the way from the USA, Crossfire Premier adds an international flair to the competition. Making their debut at Baronie, the American squad injects a new dimension, eager to make an impact on the global stage.
  • Odense BK, having graced the tournament before, returns to Baronie with the goal of seizing the coveted cup. The Danish representatives promise to bring their A-game, contributing to the tournament’s diverse and competitive landscape.

Orange Veins extends best wishes to all four teams. The tournament’s global character, with teams converging from Europe and the USA, sets the stage for a spectacular showcase of youth football talent. Stay tuned for more updates and announcements as the Baronie Cup U13 unfolds its second chapter!