Coaching education

Coaching education

We strongly believe that developing your coaches is just as important as developing your players. That’s why, besides organizing football tournaments and football tours, we offer coaching education trips.

What is a coaching education trip?
A coaching education trip is designed specifically for you, the youth coaches! During this trip, which can take anywhere between 3 days and a week, your group of coaches will travel to a foreign country to learn about their youth football and academy system.

Each day, you will visit a different youth academy. Activities will include a tour of the facilities, analyzing training sessions from youth teams in different age categories, seeing them play (during friendly matches), presentations about the philosophy of the academies and meet & greets/Q&A’s with people in different academy roles.

By seeing academies from different professional levels, you’ll get a good impression of the youth football on your destination. You’ll return home with a suitcase full of impressions, inspirations for your own academy and new connections in youth football!

Examples of previous coaching education trips
In the past, our team members have organized coaching education trips to:

  • London (England): With so many clubs in one city, London is truly the capital of English football. Our team has lots of connections with clubs that are active in the Premier League or on lower levels, so your coaching education trip to London will definitely be varied. London also offers ample opportunity for sightseeing, stadium tours and visiting professional matches.
  • Lisbon (Portugal): With two big clubs in one city, a coaching education trip to Lisbon will introduce you to the best of Portugese football. Visiting quality youth academies will guarantee your coaches lots of inspiration.
  • Rotterdam (Netherlands): With no less than three professional clubs in one city, Rotterdam has earned its nickname as football capital of the Netherlands. As travel distances within the Netherlands are relatively small, you don’t have to limit your academies visit to Rotterdam. With one of our offices being based in the Netherlands, we can guarantee a varied and inspiring coaching education trip.

Are you looking to be inspired by youth academies in several countries? Why not combine the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany in one trip? Feel free to shoot us a message to discuss the possibilities.

Interested in a coaching education trip for your group?
All of our coaching education trips are tailor-made. We’ll be happy to send you a free quotation for your group of coaches! Just shoot us a message and we’ll be in touch.