West Ham United FC

Orange Veins takes pride in being the trusted travel and tournament partner of West Ham United FC’s youth academy. Year after year, we facilitate their academy teams’ participation in prestigious tournaments all across Europe. Additionally, we collaborate with West Ham United for the hosting of the renowned annual Thames Ironworks Cup at their esteemed academy. Together, we foster the development of young talents, providing them with great opportunities to showcase their skills and passion for football on the international stage.

Queens Park Rangers FC

Orange Veins is proud to be the travel and tournament partner of Queens Park Rangers FC’s youth academy. Each year, we offer their academy teams invaluable opportunities to participate in top-notch European tournaments in different age categories. Furthermore, our collaboration extends to hosting multiple annual tournaments at the prestigious QPR Academy. Our partnership embodies our shared commitment to motivating the stars of tomorrow, empowering them and promoting the beautiful game.

Randburg AFC

As a dedicated travel and tournament partner of Randburg AFC’s youth academy, Orange Veins takes pride in offering annual tournament opportunities for their academy teams. Young boys from various age categories in South Africa gain invaluable experiences and improve their football skills against teams from all over the world. With a focus on development and growth, Orange Veins enables these young players to showcase their abilities on the global stage. Our partnership with Randburg AFC aims to create lifelong memories and a promising future for young talents from South Africa.

Excelsior Rotterdam

For several years, Excelsior Rotterdam and Orange Veins have enjoyed a proud partnership. The Pro League club generously opens its academy fields and stadium every April and June for hosting prestigious tournaments. The highly anticipated annual Rotterdam Orange Veins Cup, featuring age groups U15 and U11, takes place at Excelsior Rotterdam’s facilities. Notably, the history of this event is adorned with names of remarkable talents who showcased their skills, such as Jamal Musiala, Alejandro Garnacho, Rasmus Höjlund, and others. Together, Excelsior Rotterdam and Orange Veins continue to foster the growth and development of young football stars of clubs such as Paris-Saint Germain, RB Leipzig, PSV, Southampton FC and many more.


Orange Veins proudly partners with Boxafootball, Denmark’s premier provider of international football tournaments, serving renowned clubs such as FC Kopenhagen, Aarhus, Brondby IF, FC Nordsjaelland, FC Midtjylland, and more. Together, we offer top-level Danish academy teams the opportunity to participate in prestigious tournaments and play against elite clubs from all across the globe. From different age groups, these young talents from Denmark’s finest clubs travel far, gaining lifelong experiences while showcasing their skills on the international fields. Our collaboration aims to nurture the growth of Danish football and create lasting memories for the players and teams involved.

Albir Garden Resort Sports

Albir Garden Resort Sports and Orange Veins have enjoyed a proud and longstanding tournament partnership. The resort’s sports branch generously offers its extensive facilities and local connections in Albir each year to host national teams. As a significant part of the annual Football Federations Cup, Albir Garden Resort Sports has helped welcome elite federations from around the world, including The Netherlands, Mexico, Japan, USA, Saudi Arabia, and many others, competing in various age groups like U15, U16 and U17. This collaboration continues to provide a remarkable platform for nurturing international football talent and fostering a spirit of camaraderie among diverse nations.

Supra Academy

Proudly serving as the travel and tournament partner for Supra Academy, Orange Veins facilitates annual tournament participations for their academy teams. This platform offers them a remarkable opportunity to face formidable opponents from all over the world. With each tournament, Supra Academy’s young talents gain valuable experience, on and off the pitch they learn about different (football) cultures. Orange Veins remains committed to nurturing these aspiring football youngsters from Canada.

Total Soccer Cayman

Orange Veins proudly serves as the Travel & Tournament Partner for Total Soccer Cayman. Our enduring partnership continues to flourish, providing the club’s academy teams with valuable tournament opportunities while playing against big international clubs. Over the years, this collaboration has fostered growth, camaraderie, and unforgettable football experiences. We look forward to continuing our journey together, offering young talents from Total Soccer Cayman the chance to shine on the global stage.

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