Football in Slovakia

Football is the most popular sport in Slovakia. So even though the first division is quite young, the football tradition is already well established. The highest football division in Slovakia is called the Slovak Super Liga.

It was formed in 1993, after the dissolution of Czechoslovakia. Clubs like AS Trenčín, ŠK Slovan Bratislava and DAC 1904 Dunajská Streda play in this competition. The record for most titles is held by Slovan Bratislava.

This Slovakian club has won the national championship an impressive nine times in total. You might also know some teams from Slovakia by watching them play in the Europa League (and even some in the Champions League).

Create your own football tour to Slovakia

Did you know Slovakia is one of the most affordable training camp destinations in Europe? Take your teammates to the area around Bratislava, where you can choose from several football venues.

Experience the Slovakian football style by playing friendly matches against youth teams from this country in Eastern Europe. Who in your league at home can say they’ve played against teams like that? You can even combine several countries in one trip, for example with neighbouring countries like Austria (it’s capital city Vienna is just one hour from Bratislava!), the Czech Republic and Hungary.

Why book a football tour to Slovakia?

  • Very affordable training camp destination
  • Develop your players by exposing them to a different style of football
  • Easily combinable with neighbouring countries like Austria and the Czech Republic

Tailor-made football tours

Whether you book a football tour, training camp, pre-season trip or a tournament trip: all our tours are tailor-made, to suit the needs of you and your youth players.

Choose your preferred services below and we will create your own itinerary. Would you like to maximize your players’ development potential? Why not make this a multi destination trip!


Dunajská Streda
Dunajská Streda

Slovan Bratislava

AS Trenčín

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Example Itinerary

DAY 1 Arrival at Bratislava Airport Transfer to hotel Evening walk
DAY 2 Training session Training session with academy coaches Team meeting
DAY 3Tactical session Friendly match vs. academy team Video analysis
DAY 4Day trip to Vienna (Austria) Sightseeing in the historical city centre of Vienna Team meeting
DAY 5Training session Friendly match vs. academy team Visit professional game
DAY 6Recovery session Sightseeing in Bratislava Coaching education evening
DAY 7Training session with academy coaches Free time in Bratislava Video analysis
DAY 8Transfer to Bratislava airport Departure from Bratislava Fly back home