Football in Italy

The Italian football competition is one of the best in the world, with amazing teams like Juventus, Inter Milan, AC Milan and AS Roma.

Italian clubs have a great history, winning many prices in both the famous Champions League and the former Europa Cup 1.

Italian football is particularly famous for its focus on the defensive playing style called ‘catenaccio’. It’s no surprise that Italy has brought up amazing defenders like Paolo Maldini and Franco Baresi. Why not follow in Paulo Dybala’s footsteps and come enjoy some football in Italy?

Create your own football tour in Italy

Of course, Italy is much more than ‘just’ football. Italians are well-known for their love of pasta, ice cream, coffee and the art of relaxation. Who can blame them, when they have access to so much culture and history? Therefore Italy is a great destination, if you want to teach your players about more than football.

A visit to Rome brings you literally thousand years of history, which you can combine with seeing AS Roma. The cities of Milan and Turin are easily accessible and combinable.

Are you interested in playing friendly matches against Italian academies, a pro training session or visiting cities like Naples and Florence? Let us help you create your own football tour in Italy.

Why book a football tour to Italy?

  • Besides football activities, Italy offers a wide range of cultural sightseeing options
  • Get acquainted with football clubs like Juventus, Inter Milan and AS Roma
  • Different Italian cities can easily be combined in 1 trip (Milan, Turin and Rome)

Tailor-made football tours

Whether you book a football tour, training camp, pre-season trip or a tournament trip: all our tours are tailor-made, to suit the needs of you and your youth players.

Choose your preferred services below and we will create your own itinerary. Would you like to maximize your players’ development potential? Why not make this a multi destination trip!



Lazio Roma

AS Roma

Inter Milan

AC Milan



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Example Itinerary

DAY 1 Arrival at Milan airport Transfer to hotel Evening walk
DAY 2 Visit Italian youth academy Training session with academy coaches Team meeting
DAY 3Tactical session Friendly Match vs. academy team Video analysis
DAY 4Stadium tour Sightseeing Milan city centre Visit Serie A match

DAY 5Training session Friendly Match vs. academy team Video analysis
DAY 6Recovery session Free time in Milan Coaching education evening
DAY 7Training session Training session with academy coaches Team meeting
DAY 8Transfer to Milan airport Departure from Milan airport Fly back home