Sweden U16, Albir

Sweden U16

Albir, Football Federations Cup U16

17 February – 26 February 2024

Sweden U16, Albir, Football Federations Cup

The Sweden U16 trip

Sweden U16 participated in the Football Federations Cup in February 2024. This is an international tournament organized by Orange Veins.

During the trip

During the trip, Sweden played 3 matches against different opponents. The first match was against South-Korea, followed by a fixture with England and finally, a game against Saudi-Arabia. In addition to these matches, training sessions where arranged to keep the team in top form.

When they weren’t training, players had the opportunity to relax, for example by going for a swim. This balance of training, playing matches and leisure time contributed to the team’s overall performance and helped growing the team spirit.

The U16 team of Sweden can look back on a nice trip and tournament. Do you want to know more about the Football Federations Cup? Make sure to check the website to get to know all about it!

Are you interested in making a trip with your team? Make sure to check our trip page! If you are searching for a tournament, check our tournament page!

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