Juventus Their Thoughts On Rood-Wit U10 Tournament

Juventus their thoughts on Rood-Wit U10 tournament

After a fantastic edition of the Rood-Wit U10 Tournament we received feedback, on not only the tournament, but also on the way of organizing it in combination with the logistics side of it.

Official quote of Juventus:

‘On behalf of F.C. JUVENTUS, especially the Youth Sector Sportive Directors, the Organizational Secretary, coaches, managers and players, with their respective families, we would like to thank you for the delightful hospitality you have reserved for our team, welcomed with enthusiasm and supported from every point of view, as part of a sporting event organized taking care of every detail.’

We would like to thank Juventus for their honest opinion of the tournament as well as for their participation and hope to see them next year as well!