PSV U13 champion of the Eurocup Delfzijl 2023 edition

PSV U13 champion of the Eurocup Delfzijl 2023 edition

PSV has become the winner of the ninth edition of the Eurocup Delfzijl. In the tournament for footballers under the age of thirteen, the young Eindhoven team won in the final of debutant West Ham United with convincing figures: 5-1.

The two-day tournament on the artificial turf in the warehouse of Wijnne Barends had a spectacular start with goal-rich matches. For example, titleholder RC Genk immediately went down 5-0 against Ajax and the large defeats of the Regioteam also stood out. The football talents from the region clearly had to lose out to their peers from the professional clubs. For example, they lost 7-0 and 11-0 to PSV and Club Brugge respectively, but the honorary goal against Borussia Dortmund (1-13) was celebrated enthusiastically.

In the other pool, FC Groningen also had to acknowledge its superior against, among others, Fortaleza, West Ham United and Bayern Munich, all of which were just a size too big. In the end, the under-13 team of the Groningers managed to beat the Regioteam in the battle for places eleven and twelve, so that FC Groningen decided the tournament as the penultimate.

For the first time

In the quarterfinals there was no place for RC Genk, so it would already be known that the ninth edition of the Eurocup would get a new winner. That was PSV, which West Ham United in the final aside. After a 2-0 half-time score, the Eindhoven team managed to bring the final score to 5-1, with which they could call themselves the winner of the Eurocup Delfzijl for the first time.

The cheering PSV players received a roaring applause, because with 2500 spectators on the final day, the mini stadium converted into a harbor shed was packed. During the entire tournament, a total of 7500 spectators came to the floor. Undoubtedly to the satisfaction of the organization, because it was the first edition after 2 empty years.

Last but not least, we want to congratulate our colleague Nick de Groot with another great achievement.