Orange Veins Cup Roosendaal U19 & U18

Orange Veins Cup Roosendaal U19 & U18

On the 6th and 7th of August, the very first edition of the Orange Veins Cup Roosendaal U19 & U18 2022 will take place. This tournament is organized by Orange Veins. Orange Veins Cup Roosendaal is the successor of the Dordrecht Football Cup from past years!

The matches will take place at the BSC Roosendaal complex.

8 teams will compete in this fantastic tournament. Teams can only participate with players born after 01-01-2004 & 01-01-2005. In this tournament, teams play 5 games against different elite teams and so this tournament is perfect for the development of the participating players.

General information

Date: 6 & 7 August 2022 
Gender: Male
Age Group: U19 (2004) & U18 (2005)
Location: Roosendaal – The Netherlands

Teams 2022



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Orange Veins Cup Dordrecht Cup U18/19 2019

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